A Letter to my MP (Stephen Phillips QC MP)


Dear Stephen Phillips,

I know that you are not a fan of 38 Degrees (to put things mildly), but we are still citizen’s and voters. For Mr Whittingdale to dismiss 177,000 signatures as “not representative” is to dismiss petitions in principle – had the petition been on the government’s system, it would have been more than enough to demand a debate in the House on the subject. Instead,  the consultation is being thrown out, and new “public consultation” will take the form of focus groups and opinion polls – in other words, it will be targeted to get the reply that the minister wants, rather than public opinion.
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#FireEater Eggnog



2 shots of milk
1 shot of Baileys
2 shots of Fire Eater
2 tsp vanilla sugar
1 egg (separated)

Beat the sugar into the egg yolk, then add the Baileys, milk, and Fire Eater.
Beat the white until it retains soft peaks.
Fold the white into the rest of the drink, then enjoy.

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