Good News


And now for some good news…

Went round to pick up my mail from Karen’s today, and got talking to her. She said that she wants me to be involved in Josh’s life, and please come round and see him whenever I want. Went back this evening and spent a couple of hours with him – it’s even getting less painful being around Karen. Apparently Karen’s moving out of the area in a couple of months, but she doesn’t want that to stop me seeing him, and suggested that we need to make some sort of formal agreement to that end. Considering how hard it was for her to even put her signature to confirmation that I had access, a month or two back, this seems to be a major improvement in the situation.

Also, my doctor has referred me to the Cambridge Lifespan Aspergers Support Service, and I’ve filled out their questionnaires. Some online tests in various places, that use a similar basis, gave results fairly indicative of AS or at least ASD, so hopefully CLASS will give me an official diagnosis of AS or something similar. This, hopefully, will enable me to get a bit of life support. Now if I can just focus on the task long enough to get the envelope in the post…


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