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The Sahib’s Sauce



Here we go – haven’t done this for a while – onions, garlic, a marrow from Mum’s garden, and a big pot of chilli peppers, turmeric, and fresh ground mustard. Had to use dried chillis, but should still be good.

It’s a little bit chilly.


According to the radio, it was -20 on the A15 last night. I’m off work again because the railway lines are frozen. Tried to get in by bus yesterday, to save money – nightmare. 5 hours to get to work, and 4 to get home, due to the cxxt titled gentleman who pinched the “no buses here, go to the main road” sign at Newark North Gate, and the Stagecoach driver who drove straight past me at Newark Wharf. Never again. I’m going back home and putting the kettle on (once a bus shows up).