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Zen-like Spam Filler


I found this is the filter fooler junk on the end of a junk email:

“Another carpet tack trembles, and a photon inside a fire hydrant pours freezing cold water on another secretly financial dust bunny. A stovepipe around a formless void underhandedly figures out a sandwich defined by an earring. Most people believe that the statesmanlike apartment building knows the squid, but they need to remember how greedily a blithe spirit ceases to exist. When you see another polygon, it means that some photon around a ski lodge starts reminiscing about lost glory. A Eurasian squid steals pencils from a knowingly mean-spirited blood clot.”

Has a certain charm, don’t you think?


Welcome Matthew!


Posted by ShoZu

Miss Karen Nunn and Mr Phil Culmer are proud to announce the birth of Matthew Kenneth Philip Nunn at Southend University Hospital. Matthew was born by caesarian section at 11.53 this morning, and weighed 7lb 1oz. Karen and Matthew are both doing well, and hope to be home at the weekend.

We’re on our way


Got up at o dark hundred this morning – we’re due at the hospital at dawn, so the alarm went off at 6.15. I’m not sure human beings are designed to be conscious at this hour – still, plenty of people manage it.

Will hopefully upload pictures of Matthew as soon as I can safely turn my phone on.

JJ’s First Day at School


Today was JJ’s first day at school – I’m getting old.

Unlike all his visits, where he was grumpy until he got there, this time he was fine until he saw his teacher, and then got grumpy and wanted to come home. He was fine after we left though, and now looks forward to it.

I suppose that makes up for us having to get up at 7 in the morning.

For Your Listening Pleasure


As I get immense pleasure from listening to them, here’s a plug for my favourite podcast, and some related ones.

If science fiction is your bag, check out Escape Pod, a mixture of new and classic short stories – I loved this weeks story: “How I Mounted Goldie, Saved My Partner Lori, and Sniffed Out The People’s Justice”, by Sulley Dog.

Escape Artists also do Podcastle, for fantasy stories, and Pseudopod for horror – and it’s not kid’s stuff; only listen to this last if you like to be disturbed.

Also just started, and plugged after this week’s Escape Pod, is, the return of short crime fiction, now on episode 5.